About Us

Education plays a major role in the development of our society. It’s our major goal to provide the scholarship and motivate the worthy and brilliant students. And educate the uneducated people for that “PARMATMA KI RAAH” making welfare schemes to change the society in good way.

Welcome to Parmatma ki Raah

Get up and ready it’s time for Global community development.

One step toward the “PARAMATMA KI RAAH” can make your life actualize and meaningful. Globally there are many successful revolutions has happened regarding Poverty, Corruption and Injustice. At each time many Social Evils has happened which effects human existence and Social reformer has done many successful attempts to get rid of these social evils.

“PARMATMA KI RAAH” help the poor and people victim of injustice with welfare projects.
Since Ancient time variety of Social evils has created imbalance in the society.

There are many different ideology has created for social evils in every century. Men with stronger willpower social reformer has done many efforts to rid of all these social evils.