Our Vision

our mission is fulfill the necessary needs for livelihood. And life saver things for Global human community. It’s our main motive to find the root cause of curruption, poverty and injustice at ground level.

Every person has right to retain the opportunity of its soul existence in our society. in our Society every person should support the justice. We work around in-ground level and fundamental right.

“PARAMATMA KI RAAH” main Pivot is to get rid of poverty injustice and corruption. With well researched schemes we providing permanent solution at ground level.

“PARAMATMA KI RAAH” Providing prevention, protection and rescue the people who are effected by any disaster. If people don’t over come from the disaster problem then the development of society is also effected. We do work and help for making the management in proper way.


“PARAMATMA KI RAAH” is arranging the health camp at marked area where is the absence of health camp.